Do You Know the Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit


“That is exactly why we cannot loan you the money you need,” I said in response to a potential client explaining to me that he has over $20,000 a month going through his account.

Cash is king. If you have it, you stay in business. If you don’t… you don’t. A lot of money going through your account does not matter. In fact, that is not a good thing unless the money into the account is more than the money out. In this case, this particular client was doing very well financially on paper. He had a high net worth and several assets. The problem is, he set up the loans on his rentals to pay them off early and was spending all of his rent, and sometimes more than his rent, to make the payments. These rentals were profitable because income was more than the expenses, but he had no cash flow. The principal portion of your payment each month is a reduction of debt, so it is not an expense. In the long run this will prove beneficial, but it is risky. In this case, he was using shorter term amortizations to reduce his loan size quickly. All of his loans were set up as 15 year loans. Although, with the exception of a default, this is a sure fire way to speed up the loan payoff, I believe there are better ways to do it.

I made a similar mistake when I was really young. Whenever I got some cash in the bank I would want to invest it right away. After all, money in the bank is not working for me. I could earn much higher returns in other investments. I was buying houses at a rapid pace, and quickly became a millionaire. I was extremely proud that I hit that status long before my 30th birthday. The lesson I learned the hard way is that your net worth really doesn’t mean much. Net worth is simply your assets minus your liabilities. All my assets were in real estate. It was easy to buy discounted properties, so I increased my net worth each time I purchased a home. I am sure you have heard the term, “you make money when you buy.” That could not be truer. Although you make money when you buy, you can’t spend it until you sell. My model was almost exclusively buy and hold, so I never really generated the cash reserves I needed to withstand a problem. And a problem is exactly what I got. I was a millionaire and could not pay my bills.

I am a big leverage guy. I believe strongly that you need leverage to reach your potential. You will make more money and grow faster with leverage. Although I think you need to leverage people as much as money, I am going to focus on money for this point. If you have a lot of leverage in the way of loans, you need to make money to pay it off. Companies, and frankly our Government, end up spending all of its revenue to pay off debt; and although they are profitable, they are broke.

Once I shifted my focus to cash flow I was able to rebuild a much stronger financial picture. I rebuilt much more slowly and smarter. I still love and use leverage, but I am smart about it and stay diversified. I have access to cash if I run into a problem, and I use my assets to steadily pay off debt AND produce cash each and every month.

I prefer cash over equity in a home, but I am not necessarily saying don’t focus on paying off your mortgages. For many people that is an extremely positive thing.


Advances For Real Estate Agents


On account of real estate costs have dropped a significant spot, the potential requisitions that real estate operators and specialists might acquire have moreover dropped. Yet the drop in requisitions might be better than counterbalance by the product of real estates that might be sold. And then getting value real estate heads is one of the keys to producing this an actuality for real estate masters. This is in light of the fact that there are such a variety
of more real estates on the business sector now than there were when the air pocket blast.The ascent in the number of homeowners who are underwater on their contracts has built so far that an exceptionally hefty number of them have chosen that they cannot manage to stay in their homes. They could rather advertise their home and purchase a practically identical home for a much flatter cost, and take the misfortune with the intention that they are able to upgrade their money stream scenario by having a more level contract installment every month. Then again a different outcome of the ascent in good to go real estates is that increasingly folks are coming to be first-time homeowners.

Seeing that costs on homes are falling, increasingly folks are equipped to bear a home for the same product they are at present paying in rent. So the legitimate decision for these individuals is to purchase a house as opposed to carrying on to rent.The proposed elements all head to one thing-a higher require for real estate operators to assist the purchasing and offering of the sum total of the aforementioned real estates. Subsequently, admitting that costs have fallen, the amount of good to go real estates, purchasers, and venders has raised which better than makes up for the more level costs in terms of what amount of a given real estate operator would be able to make in the present real estate business. Then again as we all know, the more customers a real estate executor has, the more real estates they’ll push and the more cash they’ll make.

Not just do they require more spearheads, they require fantastic spearheads provided that they are determined to be ahead of the game in changing over a heightened number of them into customers who in reality complete on getting or advertising one or more real estates.One of the most effortless routes to get real estate heads is by obtaining them. There are ensembles whose sole reason is to identify folks who prefer to purchase or push a property. They then pitch this informative content to individuals who are ready to pay for it. So assuming that you are a real estate operator searching for real estate spearheads and either don’t have the chance to spot your particular, or basically would like to, then this would be a great choice for you.There are a few diverse major routes to do this. You are able to buy the real estate spearheads from an ensemble as a set of information that you will get in the manifestation of a post or spreadsheet. Then you will begin filtering through them and utilizing the information good to go to qualify and sort them yourself. Notwithstanding following thatBusiness Management Articles, the time is now to begin making exposes to spot they are valid spearheads or not.

Benefits of Real Estate


In your everyday life you might have listened about the real estate. Real estate is all about the selling and purchasing and even the lending of the lands, houses and properties. Now there are many people who are often interested in the investment stages of the real estate but they eventually turn off their minds as they are not much aware from the advantages of the real estate.
Real estate is one of such sectors in the world that does not offer and harms and disadvantages and it is all the time filled with the benefits and benefits. In this article we will make you introduce to all such benefits from which you are often unaware. In the real estate investment the person gets the sole and just chance of increasing the financial level and money making in his or her account. It may also allow the portfolios to get much higher in height as well.

Many people think that investing in the real estate would serve them with tremendous dangers but that’s not true anymore because this sector has been so far appeared to be much beneficial as compare to the other investment divisions in whole world. The person is given the full proof guarantee that he or she will never face any dangers or risk in the real estate investment. No matter that whether the property has been placed on a healthy land or the rough place it will eventually concludes with the higher rates of the land and finally it grants the profit to the person. In addition, if the person wants to get the loan from the bank then being the real estate investor it even becomes much easier and convenient for the person to purchase the loan much quickly. On the other side he or she may even get higher interest rates as well that is normally known as the profit of the land.

The person is just required to choose down the most appropriate land that would increase the price rate in just one sight. Real estate investment can be undertaken in all the sectors including the commercialPsychology Articles, industrial and even agricultural. If the property has been sold in the higher price than you can further continue to purchase some other fine-looking land at the same rate and can even sell it on the triple amount. In this way it will in the end increases your bank account with money. On the other side for making more know how about the investment stages the person can take the assistance from the real estate advisor who can carry out the functions much effectively and conveniently. On the whole we are sure that all such people who have the misconceptions about the real estate they would have gain much information now. So if you are planning for making the investment in the real estate then perform or and we are sure that this business would just serve you with success sand advantages. GO AHEAD NOW

Find a Right Myanmar Real Estate Agent

Find a Right Myanmar Real Estate Agent
Recently, the property market in Asia has been leading as compared to its European counterparts. One can see how the demand of Myanmar real estate has increased in the recent times. It is important to mention that earlier the state did not allow the foreigners to become the owner of a land or any other type of property, and they had no option but to use the property or land on lease. However, the Condominium Law that was passed recently has allowed foreign investments with some restrictions.

Another point that needs to be noted is that there has been a sharp increase in the property prices in Myanmar; yet it has not affected the demand. One reason of high prices is that people view real estate as a safe investment that can be passed on to future generations.

When planning to buy a property, it is very important to contact the right real estate agent. Here are a few tips to find the right Myanmar real estate agent:

* Ensure that he/she has enough experience in the real estate industry and knows the Myanmar property market thoroughly.
* He should be a good negotiator as he is supposed to speak on behalf of the client and get the best deal.
* Check if the real estate agent is well-qualified, trained and have a successful track record.
* Look for a well-known real estate agent who is aware of all the legalities and ensures to provide customer satisfaction.
* A good real estate agent will be ready to share the details of his past clients. Don’t hesitate to contact them and get feedback before you finalize the agent.
* Most important and final tip is to follow your instinct and intuition!

Thus, when planning to invest in Myanmar real estate, do a thorough search to find the most reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. For this, you can search online using relevant keywords and check the details by visiting the website. Do check testimonials and company information.

4 Advantages of a Virtual Doorman System

4 Advantages of a Virtual Doorman System

Virtual doormen are fast becoming a popular alternative to hiring a regular physical presence for many commercial properties, and their popularity is also rising for residential buildings. The reasons for this are numerous, as are the many advantages that this kind of service can offer.

Although there are several concerns that people may initially have with this kind of remote solution, the reality is that if put in place effectively, people can benefit from the following plus points that automatically come with adopting this kind of system.

Firstly, one of the main advantages of a virtual doorman solution is that it is far less expensive than hiring a physical presence when it comes to commercial properties. Many commercial buildings like to have a physical security presence, but in some cases this can be costly for something that is not entirely necessary.

A virtual system is a more affordable option as it involves only using the service when someone tries to enter a property to make a delivery or carry out some other necessary task. A link is established by video and audio so that identification measures can be made before access is allowed; this means that no full time staff member needs to be employed to complete this identification task.

A second major advantage is for tenants, rather than commercial building owners or users. Millions of parcels and packages are attempted to be delivered each year, yet often the tenant is not present to accept the delivery and therefore this results in a failed delivery.

This is especially important considering that so many people do their shopping online these days, meaning more and more parcels are being delivered at hours when people are at work or at school. A virtual doorman can assist in this instance, allowing parcels to be delivered first time, every time.

This can save a great deal of time and stress, especially if the delivery is urgent. Many residential property owners looking to improve the experience of their tenants would be wise to consider using this simple and highly convenient solution in their buildings.

Another major advantage is that this type of system can actually be used for different reasons other than allowing access for deliverymen. Although the delivery of packages and parcels is a major issue for many tenants, so is allowing repairmen to enter the building for work, or allowing access to emergency services.

A virtual doorman solution can assist in both of these two cases, and in fact entry to a property can restricted in any way that the building owner likes. This can involve using more or less stringent security checks, and can allow access for any number of reasons. This tailored approach can be very efficient in allowing repair work to be carried out or allowing emergency services in during a crisis.

Fourthly, a major advantage of this type of system is that it allows building owners to take advantage of the latest technologies, which are improving each and every day to be safer and more secure. The aiphone intercom systems now used in virtual doorman services mean that identity can be checked in a number of ways.

These technologies are sure to improve in the future, which means that investing in this type of system now can only bring further security gains and advantages in the coming years too. This is another convincing reason why choosing a virtual doorman could be a great choice for modern day property owners.

These are just four of the major advantages of investing in a virtual doorman service. From allowing commercial property owners and tenants to gain significant benefits in the way of allowing access to deliverymen, repairmen and the emergency services, the popularity of this solution looks likely to grow in the future too.

Doorman24 is a service provided by Visentry LLC and is a result of 12 years of experience in remote video and audio monitoring. Visentry LLC was founded 12 years ago by experienced security professionals to address the needs of businesses for cost-effective services for perimeter, asset, data and critical infrastructure protection. Visentry introduced a unique and groundbreaking service, named Virtual Sentry, which delivers around-the-clock, real time remote video and audio monitoring service. Virtual Sentry integrates “intelligent” video and audio technology with the most comprehensive central monitoring station. Based on its experience with Virtual Sentry which is presently installed at hundreds of customers, Visentry developed Doorman24 to provide an affordable and technologically advanced solution for remote access services for residential and commercial buildings. To find out more, please visit:


Get Your Concrete Cutting And Coring Projects Done On Time

Get Your Concrete Cutting And Coring Projects Done On Time
Concrete coring and concrete cutting are the areas of expertise of the concrete coring team in Riverside. The operators of the team are experts in drilling, sawing, installing electric and plumbing lines and cutting out samples for testing. Basically, quality coring is their key to success. The demolition, cutting and excavation needs are completely met by the expert operators of the team.

The operators offer concrete cutting and concrete coring in Riverside and have been doing so from many years. The operators understand the different needs of their customers and carry out their tasks accordingly. The team of concrete coring in Riverside is highly trained and is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and the best level of customer service. Precision, efficiency and quality work is ensured by using the highest quality of equipments available. The equipments are electric, pneumatic and hydraulic which help the operators in carrying out their tasks without any kind of difficulty. Whether the customers are in need of concrete cutting, coring, soft demolition, excavation or anything, the team of concrete coring in Riverside has got all the tools and experience to do their job of handling the concrete in a proper manner.

No job is too big or too small for the professional and experienced operators of the team. The flat saw technicians in the team are capable of accessing any size of the area. They have the ability of cutting the concrete even in some of the most difficult locations. The operators never fail to make sure that their customers are fully satisfied with the final product.

The safety of the operators or the individuals present at the work site is never taken for granted and hence the quality work is delivered keeping in mind the safety of all the individuals present. The operators always leave the site neat and clean after they are done performing their job. Their saw trucks come with water and dust control systems in order to give a clean finish to their work.

When other companies fail to perform a particular task, the recommended team of concrete cutters in Riverside is approached to get the job done. The deadlines are met cost effectively when you choose to work the team of concrete cutters in Riverside as they pride themselves in providing precision and accuracy to their customers while doing their job within a given period of time.

The highly trained heavy equipment operators are the reason that the team of concrete coring in Riverside stands out in the industry. With their professional and highly experienced operators, no company specialising in concrete cutting can out beat them. With such a reliable team of concrete operators available, why would anybody choose to work with any other team?

With the team of concrete cutters in Riverside, the safety of the surrounding properties, utilities and individuals working on a job site is ensured. So, if you are looking forward to get your demolition, coring or cutting projects done by a team of professionals, you must approach the team of concrete coring in Riverside.

Choosing A Real Estate School

Choosing A Real Estate School

Risks are that you may be recognizing getting work within the field of real estate. Assuming that this is the situation, you are likewise undoubtedly intrigued by studying more about real estate school. All things considered, fortunately, you have gone to the correct place. Here, we will take a much closer get a load of real estate school, and spotting a school around there to furnish you with the real estate courses that you require.You have pondered regardless of whether you really require real estate school.
All things considered, fortunately, you have gone to the correct place. Here, we will take a much closer get a load of real estate school, and spotting a school around there to furnish you with the real estate courses that you require.You have pondered regardless of whether you really require real estate school. The most incredibly foremost thing for you to look into is the way that in place for you to end up being a real estate executor in any state, you are determined to be needed to take real estate instructional classes. This is where the vitality of real estate school goes in. With a specific end goal, which is to take the classes that you are determined to require with a specific end goal, which is to arrange yourself for the real estate authorizing procedure and to meet your state’s educating prerequisites, you will revisit real estate school. With everything taken into account, with a specific end goal, which is to acquire work in real estate, real estate school is something that should be needed of you to go to, paying little heed to in the event that you feel the need to or not.

Spotting a real estate school here is not hard, with the assumption that you have a great thought of what it is that you are searching for. Some of the time you will identify the courses that are wanting to finish your state’s necessities for ending up being a real estate operator at your neighborhood group school. More regularly, be that as it may, you will identify a genuine real estate school here which has these classes to award you. Some real estate offices in fact have their particular real estate school, so as to arrange you for ending up being a real estate operator at their office.A different one of the things that you may be pondering about is what the price of real estate school is. Actually, this expense will shift consistent with numerous contrasting components. One of the fundamental things that it will rely on is assuming that you are moving toward going to a real estate school or a group university.

The mean cost of real estate school classes is in the middle of several hundred and a couple hundred dollars, while the normal cost of neighborhood school classes is amidst four hundred and five hundred dollars.While some folks may recognize the price of an exact real estate school engaging, the risks are that you may prefer to choose to revisit a group university, as they regularly may be more reputable. Obviously, this is absolutely not the case depending on if you know that the real estate school which you have been contemplating revisiting has a particularly reputable name moreover.As you would be able to see, there is much to know with regards to real estate school. Depending on if this is something that you are contemplating yourselfComputer Technology Articles, the risks are that you will doubtlessly prefer to give a ton of thought to the real estate school which you are wanting on deciding on to go to.

Assurance Of Quality Work With Concrete Cutting Team In Lancaster

Assurance Of Quality Work With Concrete Cutting Team In Lancaster
Concrete Cutting in Lancaster serves concrete cutting and concrete drilling in and around Lancaster. Demolition and excavation needs of the clients are met by the effective concrete cutting team of concrete cutting in Lancaster. The professional operators of Concrete Cutting team in Lancaster specialise in slab sawing, core drilling, concrete cutting, wall sawing, hand demolition and many more. If you are looking for a professional concrete cutting team to work on your property in order to cut, saw or demolish it, then you have certainly come to the right place.

The operators and workers of the concrete cutting team in Lancaster are dedicated to provide highest quality workmanship and customer service. The equipments used by the team are of the highest quality and provide precision and accuracy to their works. The equipments used are electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. The safety of all the individuals working in and around the area is also considered and the highest quality, safe work is delivered. To get the jobs done right, be it demolition, cutting, sawing or anything else, the operators have got all the tools and experience to do the work in a proper manner.

The flat saw technicians of concrete cutting in Lancaster are experts in providing quality cutting in some of the most difficult locations throughout Lancaster. No job is too large or too small for the experienced and the professional team of concrete cutters in Lancaster and the operators will make sure that they meet all your cutting needs. They ensure that their customers are fully satisfied with the finished product.

Core drilling has become an important part of all the structural cuttings be it electric wires or pipe installation, concrete cutting for sample testing and so on. This definitely requires a professional team of operators and concrete cutting in Lancaster employs the most talented and experienced technicians in Lancaster. The technicians are capable of providing cores to meet their customers’ needs even when it comes to working on the locations which are difficult to access. When other companies fail to finish a particular task, the recommended team of concrete cutters in Lancaster is called to get the job done in a proper manner. To provide dust control and clean finish, all the trucks of concrete cutters in Lancaster come with water and vacuums.

When it’s about precision and accuracy, the team members of concrete cutting in Lancaster excel at providing their customers accurate and clean results. The team prides itself in always completing the task in a given period of time and meeting the deadlines cost effectively.

The team of concrete cutting in Lancaster stand out from its competitors due to its highly trained heavy equipment operators. The safety of all the individuals is ensured while working on the job site with the operators.

When anybody approaches the concrete cutting team in Lancaster, the quality and safe work is ensured. The team always lives up to its expectations and promises by providing exactly what their customers need and paid them for.

Get Your Demolition Projects Done Right

Get Your Demolition Projects Done Right
Throughout the United States, the team of concrete cutting in Orange County offers concrete drilling and concrete cutting and has been doing so from many years. Concrete cutting has become an important part of virtually all the concrete structures be it creating a manhole, installation of electric or plumbing lines or cutting out a piece of concrete for sample testing, all require quality core cuttings. The team of concrete cutting in Orange County has years of experience and the customers can certainly rely on such a team whose ultimate goal is to meet all its customers’ structural goals and needs.

The operators of Concrete Cutting in Orange County know how to carry out a task effectively. The operators and workers are also provided with efficient equipments which are electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. The use of such equipments ensures precision in the work and also ensures the safety of all the individuals working in and around the construction or demolition area. The equipments also help in drilling holes in any hard material available regardless of the size that is required. The operators excel in providing quality and safe work. The team of concrete cutting in Orange County is therefore the best team available in Orange County which can drill and cut the concrete accurately and with utter precision.

No task is too big or too small for the team of concrete cutters in Orange County. The operators choose whatever method that is required in order to achieve the structural and cutting concrete goals. The highest quality of customer service is therefore ensured when you choose to work with the operators of Orange County. No task is difficult for the concrete cutters in Orange County as they have effective equipments at their disposal. The electric , pneumatic and hydraulic equipments make it possible for the operators to meet their customers’ needs. The operators are trained to manage any magnitude of the drilling projects while ensuring the safety of every individual and delivering the quality work at the same time.

The operators of concrete cutting in Orange County specialize in drilling, concrete cutting, sawing, excavation and many more. The operators have all the tools and experience to carry out their tasks with precision and accuracy. The operators can even carry out their tasks in confined and closed spaces. Therefore, nothing stops them from achieving their goals and completing their tasks within a given period of time. The flat saw technicians of concrete cutting in Orange County are capable of quality cutting even in the locations which are not easily accessible. The saw trucks will have water and vacuums in order to control dust and provide a clean finish to the area.

The operators never disappoint their customers and make sure that their customers are satisfied with the finished product. So, if you are looking forward to get your cutting or drilling projects done by a team of professional concrete cutters, then you should definitely approach the concrete cutting team in Orange County.

Georgia real estate Starting Georgia real estate hunt with a real estate agent

Georgia real estate: Starting Georgia real estate hunt with a real estate agent

Georgia is a wonderful place to live in. No wonder you have decided on picking up Georgia real estate for living-in or investing. Your Georgia real estate hunt can quite easily start with looking for the real estate prices (i.e. average prices) so as to gauge what kind of house and location will fit your budget. This is assuming that you have already estimated how much you can afford to spend on that Georgia real estate piece that you are so much after.
With little effort you can easily find out the Georgia real estate prices. You can do this in a lot of different ways. One way is to directly give a call to a Georgia real estate agent and ask him about what kind of house you can get within your budget (if you are looking for Georgia real estate for investment purposes). In fact, a lot of people find it easier to just make a call to the real estate agent and get a grasp of the going prices for properties in any place let alone Georgia. Now, as mentioned above, if you are looking for Georgia real estate piece as an investment option, then you would start with checking out what you can get for your budget. However, if you are looking for Georgia real estate because you actually want to live in Georgia (and enjoy your life), then you would be better off starting with your most basic requirements from a house e.g. you could specify a 1 bedroom house or a condo or whatever, if that is the minimum space you would need to be able to live in comfortably with your partner or your family etc. If you cannot get that basic house in the location of your choice in Georgia, you might have to rethink and figure out other options (e.g. not going for Georgia real estate at all, or picking up a house at another location in Georgia, or waiting for some more time before you can actually own a Georgia real estate piece etc). So evaluation of affordability is important. Here, we are not saying that you should not evaluate the affordability factor if you are looking for Georgia real estate for living in and not investing. It’s just that you will need to pose the question differently to that Georgia real estate agent. In any case, you should never reveal your real budget to that Georgia real estate agent. Mention an amount that is lower than your real budget by 10-20% even if your Georgia real estate insists on what maximum you can spend. For a person who is looking at Georgia real estate as an investment avenue, the Georgia real estate agent is just a way to find out the going rateFree Articles, he will have to use other real estate investing techniques to find the best deal. So your Georgia real estate hunt can easily start with just calling up a real estate broker.